• Top Features of the Best Wireless Driveway Alarm that you Should Look For

    A driveway alarm is another best way to extend the security of your home.


    If you are currently hunting for the best wireless driveway alarm, you may click here to find some or you may take note of these few features, but first, you need to know which driveway alarm sensor you should choose.


    There are several types some of these are as follows:


    • Passive-Infrared Sensor (PIR) – These are sensors can detect motion and heat from both person and vehicles, but it can detect animals too; which is why it is prone to a false alarm. Nevertheless, it is one of the popular types of wireless driveway alarm, which you find some of the best at this website.


    • Magnetic Probe Sensor – These types of driveway alarm can only detect moving metals, mostly vehicles.


    • Rubber Hose Sensor – These sensors are often used in commercial applications; it can detect vehicles and heavy moving objects that pass over the sensor, which is encased by the soft rubber hose.


    Here are a few features that you should take note when choosing a reliable driveway alarm:


    1. It must be expandable



    A driveway alarm that is expandable to numbers of sensors and receivers allow you to expand your security to a bigger or larger area without experiencing problems with signal.


    2. It has a multi-zone capability


    If you want to keep your home or business secured, it would be nice to have a driveway alarm with multiple zone capability, where it can detect motions of more than two different zones.


    3. It can cover a larger signal range


    One of the common reasons for inaccuracy and inefficiency on driveway alarm is due to poor transmission of the signal from the sensor to the receiver. If you are going to choose an alarm for your driveway today, make sure that it can cover a larger signal range or it can completely cover your property.


    4. The sensor can detect motions more than 20 feet away


    To ensure your house or facility is wells secured, especially at the driveway, you should choose a sensor that can detect heat or motion that is more than 20 feet away from where the actual sensor was installed.


    5. It must be designed with Live 12 V DC Output


    A receiver built with Live 12 V DC Output allows you to add wired external chimes, alarms, or bells.


    6. It must be easy to install


    If you do not want to pay extra for professional services in installing a driveway alarm, make sure to buy a driveway alarm that is easy to install; there are a lot of best options of a wireless and easy to install driveway alarm at this official site https://www.1800doorbell.com/security/driveway-alarms .


    If you are still having a hard time choosing a reliable driveway alarm, you can always read reliable product reviews; these reviews will help you big time. Also, you may check on the brand’s consumer ratings; most of these ratings are honest.

    So, are you ready to extend your home security, including the driveway? Just read reliable reviews and posts like this and take note of the features.

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